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Данная страница предназначена только для заказа файла на скачивания с сайта garrysmod.org для тех кто не может оттуда скачивать по любым причинам. Так же можете заказать аддон из Steam Workshop для пиратки Garry's Mod версии выше

1. Обязательно должна быть корректная ссылка с garrysmod.org или Steam Workshop
2. Описание должно быть обязательно на русском, понятным и грамотно написано (Начало предложения с большой буквы, расположение знаков, правописание), набор слов через переводчик не принимается.
3. Перед заказом с помощью поиска поищите нет ли этого аддона на сайте.
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Несоблюдения правил может привести к отказу или ваш заказ будет отложен на неопределенный срок. Нарушение 1 и 2 пункта правил карается предупреждением, все предупреждения суммируются и после достижения 5 предупреждений выдается бан на 1 день.
Добавляя заказ вы подтверждаете с ознакомлением правил и принимаете их.

Для заказов с Steam Workshop: если вы заметили что какой-то аддон на нашем сайте есть, а в Steam Workshop он был обновлен, то вы можете заказать его еще раз, но с пометкой [Update] в начале названия. Таким образом мы выложим новую версию и нам не придется искать обновленные аддоны самим.
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GM+ v1.21: Player Interaction Overhaul


GM+ is a complete overhaul of many client systems and effects, such as new view bob and a new crosshair configuration. It also adds other features on top of the ones it changes, like view smoothing, vehicle speed effects, and more. GM+'s features are largely passive or triggered through certain events; it works in the background to make your Garry's Mod experience look and feel better.

>> FAQ
GM+ won't make all of your weapons have ironsights.
There is no help menu. There will most likely not be a help menu in the future.
GM+ is mostly client-side; if you run a server and want to be able to control what your clients have enabled, you'll need to get another addon for that. (No, I don't know of any.)
You can't use GM+ on servers that don't have it unless you extract it from its .gma archive and the server has sv_allowcslua set to 1. It's a lot easier to simply ask the server owner to add GM+ to their server.

>> Features
Dynaview: Camera and viewmodel smoothing, sprinting angles, recreated view bob, reworked view punch, and more. Has sound effects - like ironsight in/out, and landing - for various Dynaview-related actions.
Firstperson: See your playermodel in first-person! Has synced animations, vehicle support, and smoothing.
Headshot: Shows a new killicon (think Counter-Strike) and plays a sound when a player or NPC dies from a headshot.
Holster: Displays (supported) weapons on playermodels. Has support for Firstperson, so you can see your holstered weapons on your first-person playermodel.
HUD: GM+ comes with a circle-dot crosshair configuration for better accuracy while using GM+ (it looks cool too, if I do say so myself).
DSP and Post-Processing: Audio and image deformation, dynamically rendered based on your current health; the more damaged you become, the more the effects are pronounced.
Heartbeat, Wind, Physgun, and other sound effects.
Everything is customizable; nearly every single aspect of this addon has a corresponding console variable. To view a full list of features as well as an in-depth description of how to configure them, see the Configuration Guide thread in the discussions area (linked below for convenience).

>> Help
Learn how to configure GM+ and ask about GM+'s features in the Configuration Guide thread.
Post bug reports in the Error Reporting thread.

Any comments from people that clearly ignored this description will be deleted without any sympathy, unless I'm feeling generous or you don't understand why I'm deleting your comments. This includes questions about GM+'s functionality, configuration, bug reports, and known problems, which are all above. Keep this in mind before posting a comment.

Разное Koolfox 26.07.2014 6



~Requires CSS For Cartridge Shells~

This was a weapon a bunch of people requested. Here it is; the STG-44. Model was ported from Mortyr 2 (I think?) by Xplor3r, and includes a world model. I ported sounds from COD:WAW, and COD2 for the reloading and shooting sounds. I as well reused BF3's SKS draw sound for the STG-44's draw sound.

Reuploading will result in the furher's spirit to yell fegelein at you.

Infinity Ward: Shooting sound (COD2)
Treyarch: Reloading sound (COD:WAW)
DICE: Draw sound (BF3)
Xplor3r: Porting, Rigging Models
Interplay: Models, Textures
Nikolai MacPootislavski: Porting Sounds (recorded BF3's sks draw)

Оружие Koolfox 31.05.2014 3

Dual Weapons


Ever wanted to feel like Max Payne?
Or feel like playing through a John Woo movie?
Or maybe you prefer mixing an accurate sidearm along with a bullet-hose machine pistol?

Well, now all that is possible.

- Dynamic dual wielding - a M1911 in left hand, a Desert Eagle in right hand, or vice versa, completely up to you!
- Individual ammo pools for each weapon
- Surface penetration
- Surface ricochet
- Custom viewmodel movement
- Custom ammo types
- Custom simple ammo display
- Slight view bob
- Shell ejection
- Designed for both singleplayer and multiplayer
- Particle effects from Firearms: Source 2.0
- An easy-to-use menu to select weapons for your left and right hands
- Currently sporting 13 weapons, which means a total of 169 dual wielding combinations

Known issues:
- M1911 has no dryfire animation (model issue)
- MP5K has no shell eject and muzzle attachments (model issue)

PRIMARY ATTACK KEY - fire left weapon
SECONDARY ATTACK KEY - fire right weapon
RELOAD KEY - self-explanatory
CONTEXT MENU KEY (default is C) - open weapon selection menu

To get ammo spawn an Ammo crate in Q > Entities > Dual Weapons Ammo.

If you've recognized one of the models that are in this pack and have worked on it, rest assured that I take no credit for your work.
I can't put the credits here because it would use up all available symbols.
The Vman - Firearms: Source 2.0 particle effects

Оружие Koolfox 10.05.2014 3

[Update] FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs


Оружие Koolfox 25.04.2014 3

Modern Russian police


Modern Russian police reskin Warsaw Pact Tank Crew RAGDOLLS

Регдоллы Koolfox 25.04.2014 3

Gmod Legs v3.5.1


Version 3.5.1

Made by Valkyrie and Bkacjios. (Official Legs Mod made by Bkacjios can be found here - steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=113585399)

Glove skin that I am using[css.gamebanana.com]

Console commands:

cl_legs (Default 1) - Enable/Disable Legs
cl_deathview (Default 1) - Enable/Disable First Person Death
cl_deathfade (Default 0) - Enable/Disable First Person Death Effects
cl_chat (Default 0) - Enable/Disable Chat Adverts

Разное Koolfox 04.06.2014 2

UT99 playermodels


4 playermodels - ( Female ) Commando and ( Female ) Soldier.
Coming soon:
Nali Cow and etc.
Tags: Unreal Tournament, 99, UT99, playermodels, nostalgy, player, nostalgia

Модели Koolfox 31.05.2014 2

Cry of Fear Simon Playermodel (half-dead)


I used Half-Dead's version of Simon from Cry of Fear to make a Playermodel. all credit for the model and textures go to half-dead i only made the playermodel. And now includes viewmodel

Модели Koolfox 31.05.2014 2

[Update] Unreal Tournament SWEPs

Оружие Koolfox 26.05.2014 2

Модели из ранней версии Half-Life 2


"After 3 hours of development, hopefully, it'll be worth the wait..."


It includes 189 of the random world props that never get quite enough attention. It also includes the leak Bullsquid with the hilariously bad physics model. (Because why not?)
I ported these props from the 2003 half-life 2 leak. I did not take these from any existing model packs.

This pack only includes props. If you are looking for the cut characters, try some of the other major packs on the workshop, or google it.

*UPDATE 4/22/2014 -- 22/4/2014*
- Added in some Borealis, Citizen Tech, and Fire Equipment props!
- Fixed missing beer bottle model.

Модели Koolfox 24.04.2014 2