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1. Обязательно должна быть корректная ссылка с garrysmod.org или Steam Workshop
2. Описание должно быть обязательно на русском, понятным и грамотно написано (Начало предложения с большой буквы, расположение знаков, правописание), набор слов через переводчик не принимается.
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Ace of Spades Model pack


This pack contains EVERY model from Ace of Spades. It all started as a test of porting voxel model into Gmod and when it worked, i decided to port everything from the game and so i made this model pack. if you find bug or texture error, then let me know.


Q: Taking requests?
A: No

Q: Ragdolls?
A: No, because i don't know how to do them and want to give people ability to mix body parts. [Example: Deuce in Gangster's clothes]

Q: Sweps? [Scripted weapons]
A: No, because i can't script and this is mostly likely going to be just props.

Q: Player models?
A: No because it requires ragdoll and skeleton and i don't know how to do it

Q: Are there green versions?
A: Of course!


Models by: Jagex Games Studio

Custom models by: David184, Pauliux00 and SallyTheButcher

Special thanks goes to: SallyTheButcher, pauliux00, Shauny and Old Flads

Модели Gamer Shop 07.03.2014 0

Adventure Time (Ragdolls)


Регдоллы Gamer Shop 29.08.2013 1

Air Hike


Allows players to double/triple/quad/Whatever jump with magic known as an Air Hike.

The amount of jumps a player can do is defined by a server convar - AirHike_MaxHikes

Press jump any time in mid air to do an air hike.

Updated - Fixed the particle error, Woopi woop.

Разное Gamer Shop 25.02.2014 0

Aperture Lab Pistol SWEP (Weapon name:Flime)


Hello Cave here.Have you ever want to kill someone with a aperture project that is not a portal gun?Introduceing the Flime.The Flime can shot like a pistol all you have to do is left click.And did I tell you that if you right click you shot an exploden!?WHERE EVER YOU WANT!!!

Get it now at a Steam Workshop Near you.

If you get this item Cave can shot you with it legaly in Garry's Mod.

Оружие Gamer Shop 25.02.2014 0

Background History


A pack of main menu backgrounds from all Gmod versions (that had their own backgrounds).
This pack contains backgrounds from:
Gmod 9
Gmod 10
Gmod 12
P.S. This pack keeps ONE background from Gmod 13. The one I found most fitting.

Фоны для меню Gamer Shop 01.03.2014 0

Background Pack


Bored by the usual backgrounds when starting Garry's Mod?
Want to add some more?

Then this Addon is for you, because it adds over 50 new backgrounds!
All of them are made by the community, you can even submit your own ones!

This background pack currently contains the following backgrounds(no order, some names were edited):

- "Australian Camping" by Floyd
- "Master of Disguise" by ☭ [GR] Headhunter (Nick) ☭
- "Brothers in Arms" by Lord Dummas
- "Quiet, let them pass..." by › Vikster
- "Remember this?" by Lily the Cute Sleepy Kitten
- "Old Engine, Best Graphics" by Chamka :3
- "Toy Fortress 2" by Pinkie Diane Roosevelt PhD
- "Medic & Soldier" by LEGOFORMER1000
- "Barrelsnake" by Too much party. Let's just Hugg
- "Shots Fired" by Jack F.
- "Planting" by RuleBreaker23
- "Combine" b-
Update #3 added these(no order, some names were edited):
- "Hostage" by $mooth
- "Good day" by John SandWich
- "Beauty at it's finest." by Diamand_Dude
- "CT Down" by Pikmonster
- "Another Casualty..." by Diamand_Dude
- "Rise Mr. G-man" by Miniduke
- "All Alone..." by Diamand_Dude
- "Patrol" by Miniduke
- "Lolboom." by Lyra
- "Funky Dance" by TomBDS™
- "Boxing Match" by The Viking God
- "One night in the city" by Hasbal™
- "Hospital" by LTNM
- "All Alone 2" by Diamand_Dude
- "Prepared" by shacknater
- "Tree" by Androyd
- "Bonus Screenshot" by PinkieThing

The backgrounds should be added to the normal ones and Garry's Mod is choosing them randomly, so it could be that you see the changes not right away after downloading and installing the addon.

If you think that there's a cool screenshot missing (i bet you find one) post the link in the discussion so i can ask for permission and add it.

Every screenshot/link that is posted in the comments will not be added by me.
Please speak english in the comments, so everyone can understand it.

Фоны для меню Gamer Shop 01.03.2014 0

Basic HUD



Well, this is just a little thing I did in my spare time so yeah, another hud.

Pretty decent if you want something simple. I'm gunna go work on a menu to edit the colors of the hud instead of plain ol' white.

So basic.

Hud's Gamer Shop 14.03.2014 0

Beach Flags


These flags come in 5 colors and can be used to mark territories, bases, racing courses and more!
Remember, hold "c" and right-click on the flag to select a skin.

I might add more flag models in the future. If there is a popular demand, I'd also add additional skins.

Модели Gamer Shop 13.03.2014 0

Black Mesa SWEPS


I will work on this on Wednesday.
I recently played Black Mesa, and I enjoyed it. So I made SWEPS for Garry's Mod.
Includes the Shotgun, the MP5, the .357, the Pistol, and ofcourse, the holy crowbar.
I will add to this later, please accept what there is now. This is abit buggy, but is not finished, don't be too critical.


I will work on this on Wednesday.

Оружие Gamer Shop 19.03.2014 2

BMS Player Models Pack V2


Well, this is an improvement of a previous project I did mind, you see now, and the improvements that are made :

- Eye Fix
- Bodygroups including
- Skins aggregates

Coming, in Part Two of the pack will be:

- Young Eli
- The Protection suit (HEV)

Hope you like these player models, Bye!!

Разное Gamer Shop 13.03.2014 0