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Данная страница предназначена только для заказа файла на скачивания с сайта garrysmod.org для тех кто не может оттуда скачивать по любым причинам. Так же можете заказать аддон из Steam Workshop для пиратки Garry's Mod версии выше

1. Обязательно должна быть корректная ссылка с garrysmod.org или Steam Workshop
2. Описание должно быть обязательно на русском, понятным и грамотно написано (Начало предложения с большой буквы, расположение знаков, правописание), набор слов через переводчик не принимается.
3. Перед заказом с помощью поиска поищите нет ли этого аддона на сайте.
4. Запрещено заказывать дубликаторы и сохранения со Steam Workshop.
5. Вы можете заказать только 2 заказа в день.
Несоблюдения правил может привести к отказу или ваш заказ будет отложен на неопределенный срок. Нарушение 1 и 2 пункта правил карается предупреждением, все предупреждения суммируются и после достижения 5 предупреждений выдается бан на 1 день.
Добавляя заказ вы подтверждаете с ознакомлением правил и принимаете их.

Для заказов с Steam Workshop: если вы заметили что какой-то аддон на нашем сайте есть, а в Steam Workshop он был обновлен, то вы можете заказать его еще раз, но с пометкой [Update] в начале названия. Таким образом мы выложим новую версию и нам не придется искать обновленные аддоны самим.
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(GDCW) Gewehr 41



Another Walther weapon, the Gewehr 41, the model before the notable Gewehr 43. Model is from Red Orchestra 2. I actually used the firing sounds this model is supposed to use, and overall, it did come out exquisite. I recorded BF3's sks reloading sound and as well Red Orchestra 2's Gewehr 43 firing sound.

Reuploading will result in your head being smashed by the Fegelstation.

Tripwire Interactive: Model, Textures, Primary Fire Sound
DICE: Reloading Sounds, Draw Sound
Xplor3r: Porting, Rigging
Nikolai MacPootislavski: Hacking off Scope, Phong Improvement, Sound Recording

Оружие Koolfox 22.05.2014 1

Dual Weapons


Ever wanted to feel like Max Payne?
Or feel like playing through a John Woo movie?
Or maybe you prefer mixing an accurate sidearm along with a bullet-hose machine pistol?

Well, now all that is possible.

- Dynamic dual wielding - a M1911 in left hand, a Desert Eagle in right hand, or vice versa, completely up to you!
- Individual ammo pools for each weapon
- Surface penetration
- Surface ricochet
- Custom viewmodel movement
- Custom ammo types
- Custom simple ammo display
- Slight view bob
- Shell ejection
- Designed for both singleplayer and multiplayer
- Particle effects from Firearms: Source 2.0
- An easy-to-use menu to select weapons for your left and right hands
- Currently sporting 13 weapons, which means a total of 169 dual wielding combinations

Known issues:
- M1911 has no dryfire animation (model issue)
- MP5K has no shell eject and muzzle attachments (model issue)

PRIMARY ATTACK KEY - fire left weapon
SECONDARY ATTACK KEY - fire right weapon
RELOAD KEY - self-explanatory
CONTEXT MENU KEY (default is C) - open weapon selection menu

To get ammo spawn an Ammo crate in Q > Entities > Dual Weapons Ammo.

If you've recognized one of the models that are in this pack and have worked on it, rest assured that I take no credit for your work.
I can't put the credits here because it would use up all available symbols.
The Vman - Firearms: Source 2.0 particle effects

Оружие Koolfox 10.05.2014 3

GM+ v1.21: Player Interaction Overhaul


GM+ is a complete overhaul of many client systems and effects, such as new view bob and a new crosshair configuration. It also adds other features on top of the ones it changes, like view smoothing, vehicle speed effects, and more. GM+'s features are largely passive or triggered through certain events; it works in the background to make your Garry's Mod experience look and feel better.

>> FAQ
GM+ won't make all of your weapons have ironsights.
There is no help menu. There will most likely not be a help menu in the future.
GM+ is mostly client-side; if you run a server and want to be able to control what your clients have enabled, you'll need to get another addon for that. (No, I don't know of any.)
You can't use GM+ on servers that don't have it unless you extract it from its .gma archive and the server has sv_allowcslua set to 1. It's a lot easier to simply ask the server owner to add GM+ to their server.

>> Features
Dynaview: Camera and viewmodel smoothing, sprinting angles, recreated view bob, reworked view punch, and more. Has sound effects - like ironsight in/out, and landing - for various Dynaview-related actions.
Firstperson: See your playermodel in first-person! Has synced animations, vehicle support, and smoothing.
Headshot: Shows a new killicon (think Counter-Strike) and plays a sound when a player or NPC dies from a headshot.
Holster: Displays (supported) weapons on playermodels. Has support for Firstperson, so you can see your holstered weapons on your first-person playermodel.
HUD: GM+ comes with a circle-dot crosshair configuration for better accuracy while using GM+ (it looks cool too, if I do say so myself).
DSP and Post-Processing: Audio and image deformation, dynamically rendered based on your current health; the more damaged you become, the more the effects are pronounced.
Heartbeat, Wind, Physgun, and other sound effects.
Everything is customizable; nearly every single aspect of this addon has a corresponding console variable. To view a full list of features as well as an in-depth description of how to configure them, see the Configuration Guide thread in the discussions area (linked below for convenience).

>> Help
Learn how to configure GM+ and ask about GM+'s features in the Configuration Guide thread.
Post bug reports in the Error Reporting thread.

Any comments from people that clearly ignored this description will be deleted without any sympathy, unless I'm feeling generous or you don't understand why I'm deleting your comments. This includes questions about GM+'s functionality, configuration, bug reports, and known problems, which are all above. Keep this in mind before posting a comment.

Разное Koolfox 26.07.2014 6

Gmod Legs v3.5.1


Version 3.5.1

Made by Valkyrie and Bkacjios. (Official Legs Mod made by Bkacjios can be found here - steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=113585399)

Glove skin that I am using[css.gamebanana.com]

Console commands:

cl_legs (Default 1) - Enable/Disable Legs
cl_deathview (Default 1) - Enable/Disable First Person Death
cl_deathfade (Default 0) - Enable/Disable First Person Death Effects
cl_chat (Default 0) - Enable/Disable Chat Adverts

Разное Koolfox 04.06.2014 2



That's one of my first maps.
It's remake of GTA 2 Tiny Town.
It's 1:1.
It's good for races and stuff.
Rate it, subscribe and leave comments.
Don't steal it, please.
May require TF2, not sure though.
Tags: big city , bigcity , alternative , grand theft auto , big map , deathmatch , trouble in terrorist town , role play , roleplay , town

Карты Koolfox 07.08.2014 1

Murder Friendly Handguns


These guns are realistic! 1 shot head shots, and you don't gotta shoot your friend in the chest 5 times just to kill him!
My guns are errors, they didn't use to be!
Solution: Uninstall and delete the .GMA in your addons folder. Install, then restart Garry's Mod!
No Sound? Restart Garry's Mod
95% of bugs you find on my pack can be solved by restarting Gmod
If not, post them below and I'll try to fix them.
-357 Silhouette
- Makarov
- Snub Nose 357
- Autodeagle
- Glock 17 Silenceable (Hold e and right click)
- P99
- Chrome M9 with toggable silencer
- Hellsing, The Jackal as requested
- Tokarev
- CZ75 (Hold E and press R to switch firemodes)
- MR96
- 1911
-All found in Weapons - MF Handguns category!
Gamebanana users for the models sounds and animations.
INCONCIEVABLE! for the m9k base.
The Coldsnap Leader for helping me through a few bugs.
Robotboy655, the guy who saved this addon.

Оружие Koolfox 02.08.2014 0

Never Lose Hope Hospital - Patched Version


Dark winding corridors dotted with splotches of blood, the sounds fo doors creak ominously and the TVs only report static. This is a large Hospital map with a huge system of corridors, hallways and hospital facilities, making it very easy to get lost in. The power is fluctuating, so lights flicker and many are completely dead and the plumbing is down so areas are flooded with water. This map is set at night time so it should perfectly fit any horror RP. There's plenty of props around for barricades in ZS and you could probably slap some pages down and make it work for stop it slender. It's also fully NPC noded if your gamemode has NPCs and all of the content is packed in to the map, so there's no other requirements. The map is compltely atmospheric, so there aren't really any jumpscares - aside from the occaasional door slamming itself shut.

Found in maps>Roleplay>rp_neverlosehopehospital_v1-6

Key Features:
-Full highly detailed and atmospheric hospital interior
-Working soundscapes
-several floors including a basement
-Small outdoor area outside the lobby
-tons of rooms
-Fixed cubemaps - no shiney props
-NPC Nodes - Lets NPC's navigate the map properly
-All content packed into map - no other games required
(theres still a few files that aren't included because they're from nightmare house 2, such as sounds and decals. These are not from another game. I'll include these when I have time.)

Let me be clear that I did not make this, however I did edit it slightly; I made the AI nodes so NPCs can navigate properly, Pakrated the map so you shouldn't see errors everywhere, made the icon and fixed the cubemaps. I'm mainly uploading it to the workshop as an item that can be download to my server using resource.addWorkshop() for our halloween event,but that's all I did. This map was originally stitched together by Umbrae from the source mod Nightmare House 2, you should check it out if you like the map - It's an awesome mod and you should check it out. It's free!

Nightmare House2 credits (for the original entire mod)
Hen Mazolski - Mod leader, Mod designer, Ideas, Mapper, Writer
Harry ".eXeC!" Jeffery - Coder
Christopher "Guessmyname" Jones - Modeling, Texture artist
Pedro "TigerboyPT" Calvo - Faceposer animator, Texture artist, Video editing
David Kingery - Voice-actor, Writer
Danielle McRae - Voice-actress
Yoav "Koolfox" Landau - Music, Sound editing
Aidin Ashoori - Music
Ido Tal - Design consultant
The community - More stuff

Карты Koolfox 22.04.2014 0

Stanley - The Stanley Parable


This is the story of a man named Stanley and blah blah blah... you know the story, right?

Two Stanley ragdolls, NPC and playermodel. Uses BlooCobalt's Enhanced Citizen eyes.

Uses a hexed model of male_07. Note that this is not the game's official Stanley, as the offcial has no physics and has a weird glitch on the head.

Credits to The Stanley Parable team for the clothes and the hair textures.

Face texture made by me using male_07's face as base :P

NPC Koolfox 26.07.2014 0

UnderHell SWEPS


Contains 16 weapons from the Half-Life 2 modification Underhell. These are not all the weapons from the game, but most of them are here. Sometimes a glitch may occur that will replace the css hand model with new one, that's because the weapons use the same model hand model.

Credits for making weapon models with animations goes to Mxthe.

Оружие Koolfox 07.08.2014 1

World Flags -2014 'Full Version'


Using numerous nation The flags, only 70 countries. May not be perfect, I will solve this problem.
Do you patriots?

- Love your country.
"We Are The World"

-Repaired file error the problem
-Full version
-Added some commercial or game flags

2014 - New models :D

-All Models-

Using the Skin, Please
It is not one model of one behalf of national flag.

NPC Koolfox 07.08.2014 0